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Even though hyperpigmentation is a harmless condition, the dark patches developing on your skin might make you feel self-conscious. The med spa specialists at Stella Med Spa at Nurture Women’s Health in Frisco, Texas, offer hyperpigmentation treatments with the Cynosure® PicoSure® laser system. To learn more about this noninvasive treatment, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Hyperpigmentation Q & A

What is hyperpigmentation?

If your skin has developed dark patches causing it to look splotchy, you might have hyperpigmentation. The condition can include sunspots, age spots, and melasma, affecting all ethnicities.

Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by sun damage, which explains why you typically see the darker coloration on your forehead, forearms, and chest. In other cases, acne, a burn, or even lupus can cause it to develop.

No matter where hyperpigmentation shows up on your body, it can be treated by the professionals at Stella Med Spa at Nurture Women’s Health.


How is hyperpigmentation treated?

The team at Stella Med Spa at Nurture Women’s Health uses the innovative PicoSure laser system, which exposes the treated area of your skin to extremely rapid pulses of laser energy. The laser shatters the pigmented spots and breaks them apart into tiny particles that are easily absorbed into your skin and eliminated by your body. The procedure won’t harm or damage the surrounding tissue.

The treatment lasts 10-15 minutes and is relatively painless. You might experience the feeling of small rubber bands lightly popping on your skin but only for a short time. If you’re concerned about feeling pain, your specialists can apply a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable.

After your treatment, your lymphatic system flushes out the pigmented fragments, and new tissue and collagen start to form.


What are the advantages of treating hyperpigmentation with PicoSure?

PicoSure treatments have several benefits that include:

  • Noninvasive
  • In-office treatment
  • Takes less than 30 minutes
  • Virtually painless
  • Effective
  • Doesn’t damage surrounding tissue

Schedule a consultation with the team at Stella Med Spa at Nurture Women’s Health. They can evaluate the condition of your hyperpigmentation and talk to you about treatment.


How many treatments are needed for hyperpigmentation?

Depending on the severity of your hyperpigmentation, the med spa specialists at Stella Med Spa at Nurture Women’s Health usually recommend about two to five PicoSure treatments.

Your spots fade over time, and your healthier tissues begin to emerge to the surface of your skin. The PicoSure hyperpigmentation procedure is quick, effective, and almost entirely painless.

To learn more about how to treat your hyperpigmentation, reach out to the specialists at Stella Med Spa at Nurture Women’s Health. Call the medspa or book an appointment online today.